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What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times? How I met your mother. Everyone who has watched this show is probably doing the same thing. The show wouldn’t be the same without Barney, we all have to agree on that. But the character that I find most relatable is Ted—never gives…

To all the incredible women in the world, shine on, not justtoday but every single day.Happy Women’s Day. ⚘💖

Graphic eyeliner inspirations

Want to have a spectacular and unusual look? Just apply the graphic eyeliner. It is the ideal look for every occasion. It might take some time until you learn how to do it properly. But take it to step by step. Here are some inspirations on graphic eyeliner: -Black graphic eyeliner -Colored graphic eyeliner -Black…

How to deal with burnout syndrome?

If you are dealing with burnout syndrome you have got to accept that recovery from this condition does not happen overnight, but it is a continuous process of change. Here are a few ways to protect yourself:


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